Profiles in "Materials Development" Expertise Area

  • Dr Shane Johnson is a tenured Research Scientist at Arizona State University and has over 25 years of experience in the area of compound semiconductor materials and device growth, fabrication, and design.
  • Seo's research interests focus on design of new synthetic strategies, and synthesis, characterization, and applications of new inorganic porous materials.
  • Tongay’s research focuses on the materials discovery, synthesis and application of the next-generation quantum materials and their related technologies
  • Muhich is a chemical engineer who uses computational chemical to understand and design materials which facilitate reduction/oxidation reactions for renewable energy generation and use and environmental sustainability
  • Song's research interest includes advanced composite materials (AMCs) and advanced manufacturing (AM).
  • Chen's research interests focus on advanced manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing, nanoimprinting and nano-transfer printing, for emerging applications in the areas of photonics, energy and biomedical engineering.
  • I have more than 10 years of experience in prestigious institutions in Spain, Australia and the USA in the field the development of new materials for thermal energy storage and hydrogen production using solar thermal technolo
  • Materials scientist with interests in linking structural chemistry and thermodynamics of bulk and nano chalcogenides with geological and industrial applications to provide a better understanding of the fundamental principles of the Universe.