Profiles in "Urban Development" Expertise Area

  • Lara-Valencia's major areas of inquiry include socio-environmental vulnerability, urban health, regional development, binational planning, and the role of community networks on sustainable development.
  • Dandekar served as director and professor of ASU’s Department of Planning from 2002-2009. Her work focused on international development planning, planning methods, gender and environment and housing.
  • Enrique R. Vivoni is the Fulton Professor of Hydrosystems Engineering in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment and the Director of the Center for Hydrologic Innovations at Arizona State University.
  • Yabes, a professor emerita of planning, taught a variety of planning courses during her time at Arizona State University, including several with an international focus on planning.
  • Lewis studies U.S. urban policy, local and regional governance, and the way people think about public policy. Many of his publications examine urban/suburban land use, housing policy, and local responses to immigration.
  • Kirby is emeritus professor of social and behavioral science and an editor for the *Journal of Urban Affairs* and *Publications*.
  • Phil’s international career and leadership experience has spanned the fields of system dynamics, 3D analytic and visualization systems, management consulting and analytic services and urban design, He is CEO of ORBIS Dynamics (
  • Burns is a professor emerita. During her time as professor, she focused her work and studies on issues pertaining to urban, land use, and transportation.
  • Dr. Shutters fuses evolutionary ecology and economics to better understand complex social systems and to create evidence-based decision support tools for economic planners.