Profiles in "Urban Development" Expertise Area

  • Lara-Valencia's major areas of inquiry include socio-environmental vulnerability, urban health, regional development, binational planning, and the role of community networks on sustainable development.
  • Dandekar served as director and professor of ASU’s Department of Planning from 2002-2009. Her work focused on international development planning, planning methods, gender and environment and housing.
  • Vivoni is a hydrologist who focuses on interactions with climate, ecosystems and landscapes in arid and semiarid regions.
  • Yabes, a professor emerita of planning, taught a variety of planning courses during her time at Arizona State University, including several with an international focus on planning.
  • Lewis studies U.S. urban policy, local governments, and the way people think about public policy. Many of his publications examine urban/suburban land use, housing policy, and local responses to immigration.
  • A senior sustainability scholar and urbanist, Kirby is also actively engaged in bibliometric research, and active in The Journal of Urban Affairs and Publications.
  • Burns is a professor emerita. During her time as professor, she focused her work and studies on issues pertaining to urban, land use, and transportation.
  • Dr. Shutters fuses evolutionary ecology and economics to better understand complex social systems and to create evidence-based decision support tools for economic planners.
  • Poore is an experienced community leader and capacity builder with passion and proven competency for expanding mission impact, enhancing organizational performance, growth and community outcomes.