Profiles in "Philosophy of Science" Expertise Area

  • Nadesan teaches courses that look at risk and crisis communications, bio-ethics, economic and corporate communication, propaganda and online social advocacy, and interpretive and critical methods.
  • Laubichler is a complex systems scientist, theoretical biologist and historian of science. He is director of the School of Complex Adaptive Systems and the Global Biosocial Complexity Initiative at ASU.
  • Armendt is a philosopher who works on rational decision making and the epistemology of rational belief. He also works on causality, and on patterns of social interaction among individuals.
  • ​Kobes is interested in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and the philosophy of cognitive science.
  • Maienschein explores the history and philosophy of development, genetics, and cell biology. They explore ways that biology, bioethics and bio-policy play out in society, with an emphasis on effective communication.
  • Ron’s research focuses around two central themes: the political and normative dimensions of the history of political economy, and the democratic theory of the public sphere.
  • Pinillos' research interests lie in the areas of epistemology, experimental philosophy and philosophy of language.
  • Jason Robert is Dean's Distinguished (Associate) Professor in the Life Sciences.
  • Johnson's areas of expertise include philosophy of science, animal behavior, conservation ecology, sexual cannibalism and conflict in arthropods, black widow spiders.