Profiles in "Systematics and Taxonomy" Expertise Area

  • Franz is an insect systematist who specializes weevil evolution. He directs the ASU Biocollections and the Biodiversity Knowledge Integration Center (BioKIC).
  • Pigg is a paleobotanist who studies fossil plants that are related to modern groups of conifers, ferns and woody hardwood trees. Her group studies the origin of plants of the temperate deciduous biome.
  • Historian and philosopher of biodiversity data, models, and commons: what knowledge do we need to get things done together while differing in fundamental ways?
  • Leslie Landrum is a senior research scientist and ASU Herbarium Curator.
  • Arizona State University July 2017 - present: Curator of Lichens and Digital Data Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Islands November 2004 - present: Adjunct Scientist (CDF Lichen Inventory)
  • I am a leaf beetle taxonomist and a biodiversity informatician, interested in developing software and web apps that help scientists to manage and publish biodiversity-related data.
  • Shannon is the instructional lab manager at ASU Downtown. She oversees all the science teaching lab instructors and also teaches ABS and BIO courses.