Profiles in "Urbanization" Expertise Area

  • Smith is an archaeologist who research interests include the Aztecs, Teotihuacan, ancient and modern cities (planning, neighborhoods, scaling), and transdisciplinary social science research.
  • Simpson is a political historian whose work examines challenges to American geopolitical dominance from foreign entities, as well a threats posed terrorist organizations.
  • Grimm is an ecosystem scientist who studies desert streams and cities and their resilience to extreme events. She is an elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences.
  • Boone's research contributes to ongoing debates in sustainable urbanization, environmental justice, vulnerability, global environmental change, and higher education innovation.
  • Haines co-directs the Center of Muslim Experience in the U.S. As assoc. prof. of religious studies and cultural anthropologist, he studies marginal communities, Islamic values of peace, community well-being and lived ethics.
  • Bang is an ecologist, teaching professor, and photographer. While his main focus is teaching in person and online, his research interests are urban ecology with an emphasis on plants and insects.
  • Meunier is a Registered Architect in both the United Kingdom and the United States. He is also an educator who has held both teaching and administrative positions at Cambridge, Cincinnati, and Arizona State universities.
  • Ehlenz, a certified planner with AICP, focuses research on urban revitalization and community development, with specializations in the role of anchor institutions in urban places and mechanisms for building community wealth.
  • York pushes forward our understanding of governance dynamics by investigating how changes in policies affect the social, environmental, and community conditions and in turn how changes in social, environmental, and community