Profiles in "Bioengineering" Expertise Area

  • Blain Christen's research includes bio-compatible integration techniques for CMOS electronics; microfluidics, non-traditional microfabrication; MEMS devices/bio-MEMS; bioelectronics focused on analog and neuromorphic design.
  • Webber is a professor in the School of Life Sciences and most recently served as executive director in the Office of the University Provost where he oversaw University Accreditation and Academic Program Reviews.
  • Caplan’s research focuses on molecular cooperativity in drug targeting, bio-sensing, and cell signaling. Current themes: local drug delivery, endothelial dysfunction in diabetes and cooperative DNA diagnostics.
  • Ros is a faculty member of SMS and the Center for Applied Structural Discovery at ASU's Biodesign Institute. Her current research interests include bioanlalytics in the micro- and nanoenvironment.
  • Krishnamurthi's main research interests include developing therapeutic interventions to preserve function (mobility and quality of life) in aging population, improve/restore function with neurological disorders.
  • Wang is an applied microbiologist, working at the interface between microbial genetics and metabolic engineering to develop new microbial production processes.
  • Dr. Nickerson studies the effects of biomechanical forces on microbial and human cells on Earth and in space, how this response is related to normal homeostasis or disease, and translation to biomedical/biotech applications.