Profiles in "Health" Expertise Area

  • Professor Hall is a visionary educator with demonstrated expertise in the health, wellness and fitness entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Gabriel Shaibi's research examines obesity-related health in high-risk and vulnerable populations with an emphasis on understanding and preventing cardiometabolic diseases.
  • Luecken is a member of the clinical and developmental psychology faculty. Her research interests include women's health and the impact of early life adversity on mental and physical health.
  • Carol Stevens' research interests include childhood obesity, cultural influences associated with children's health and healthy work environments for nurses.
  • Kaplan is a multi-instrumentalist performer and composer. His work within the arts and healthcare offers tools to support the notion that being “present,” self-aware, and team-aware are critical in all endeavors.
  • Davis examines how social and emotional risk and resilience factors shape adaptation to stress.
  • Underiner is an associate professor in Music, Dance & Theatre; convenes Creative Health Collaborations (sparking arts, humanities & design approaches to health); and directs the PhD in Theatre & Performance of the Americas
  • Cataldo is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and Certified Health and Fitness Specialist.
  • Feisst is Evelyn Smith Professor of musicology and Senior Sustainability Scholar at Arizona State University. She holds a PhD in musicology from Berlin and is interested in new music in interdisciplinary contexts.