Profiles in "Sustainability" Expertise Area

  • Dave White is Associate Vice President, Research Advancement in ASU Knowledge Enterprise and Director of the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation within the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory.
  • Dr. Anderies is a professor with joint appointments in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, the School of Sustainability, and the School of Complex Adaptive Systems.
  • Barton is a complex systems scientist who combines anthropology, archaeology, earth science, and information technologies to study long-term dynamics and interactions of people and landscapes in the Anthropocene.
  • Wu is a Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Sustainability Science at Arizona State University. His research areas include: landscape ecology, urban ecology, and sustainability science.
  • Redman is in the School of Sustainability and the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. His interests include human impacts on the environment, sustainable landscapes, rapidly urbanizing regions, urban ecology.
  • Nyaupane's research themes include sustainable tourism, ecotourism, protected area management, public lands, natural resource management, community development, resilience, collaborative and strategic planning, and Indigenous Peoples globally.
  • Dorn, professor of geography, is also co-coordinator of the Arizona Geographic Alliance, a K-12 outreach program to promote geographic education in Arizona.
  • Bryan is a specialist in building technology who has written more than 100 papers and articles, many of which focus on the interface between technology and the design of ecologically responsible environments.
  • Heimsath researches how the earth's surface changes under the influence of climate, tectonic and human forcing. He runs a geochemistry lab to quantify surface processes and teaches undergraduate and graduate students.