Profiles in "African American Studies" Expertise Area

  • Joe Lockard is associate professor of English, specializing in 19th-century American literature, prison literature, and translation economies.
  • Lester's specialization of African American literary and cultural studies includes US race relations; diversity, equity and inclusion; popular culture; cultural appropriation; social justice through collecting "things" and "stuff"; and the Nword.
  • Myles is the author of "African American Women's Narratives of Enslavement: Beyond Borders" and co-editor of "Sapphire's Literary Breakthrough."
  • At ASU, Gallab also serves as a member of the Barrett Honors faculty and on the advisory board for the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict.
  • Anderson's current research interests include the performance of gender; race, gender and sexuality in popular culture; feminist semiotics and phenomenology.
  • Berkel studies health equity and the dissemination & implementation of evidence-based preventive interventions
  • Calvin Schermerhorn is a historian of capitalism, slavery and African American inequality. He offers graduate and undergraduate courses and advises honors and graduate students.
  • A Fulbright Scholar, Professor Ali is the founding chair of CAIS, coordinator of Arabic Studies and head of Classics and Middle East Studies at ASU.
  • Ore's work examines the suasive strategies of aggrieved communities as they operate within a post-emancipation historical context.