Profiles in "Sociolinguistics" Expertise Area

  • Adams research interests are in the study of language in its social and linguistic context. She is the director of English graduate studies.
  • Anokye is a sociolinguist with research on African Diaspora orality and literacy, folklore, discourse analysis and oral history specializing in Ghanaian culture, religion, storytelling, dance and social justice.
  • Negron has taught different levels of Spanish language courses for L2 and heritage language learners in hybrid and online formats. Her research interests focus on sociolinguistics and heritage language pedagogy.
  • Brendan O’Connor is a linguistic anthropologist of education in ASU's School of Transborder Studies who conducts research on language, identity, youth culture, and education.
  • SturtzSreetharan's interests center on language as social action. Her current project, "the everyday language of body/weight stigma," investigates how people make sense of their bodies as revealed in their language use.
  • Gradoville teaches Spanish linguistics courses. His research interests include usage-based linguistic theory, sociophonetics, corpus linguistics, research methodology, and variation and change.