Profiles in "Urban Design and Sustainable Cities" Expertise Area

  • Kelli Larson is a professor of geography and sustainability with expertise in human-environment interactions related to urban ecology, landscape sustainability, and biological conservation.
  • Philip Horton is a Clinical Associate Professor of Architecture, a Senior Global Futures Scientist, and he is one of the founding Co-Directors of the Center of Building Innovation (CoBI) at ASU.
  • Middel’s research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of urban climate with focus on climate-sensitive urban form, design, landscapes, and infrastructure in the face of extreme heat and climatic uncertainty.
  • Webster's current interests are in comparative city building and urban dynamics, urban competitiveness and resilience, and peri-urbanization with a primary geographic focus on East Asia.
  • Brazel is a geographer and climatologist who has written more than 180 professional articles and reports on climate, focusing primarily at the local and regional scale.
  • Gober is the founding co-director of the National Science Foundation's Decision Center for a Desert City and previously served on the National Research Council's Committee on Geographical Sciences.
  • Crewe's scholarship addresses the fields of planning and urban design, with an emphasis on gender and the needs of local communities.
  • Pijawka's research focuses on sustainable planning and design, disaster management and recovery, environmental justice, and Native American community planning.
  • Kelley's interests include transportation planning, sustainable design, the historic evolution of urban planning, and environmental justice, with particular interest in pedestrian-oriented planning in South American cities.