Profiles in "Volcanology" Expertise Area

  • Hervig uses the elemental and isotopic chemistry of earth and extraterrestrial materials to deduce their origin and evolution. The main analytical tool he uses is secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).
  • David A. Williams is a planetary geologist who studies volcanoes and volcanic deposits throughout the Solar System. He makes geologic maps planets, moons, and asteroids in support of NASA flight missions.
  • Zawacki is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in the School of Earth and Space Exploration.
  • Amanda Clarke is a professor whose research focuses on the physics of volcanic eruptions.
  • Melanie Barboni is an isotope geochemist/igneous petrologist whose research focuses on understanding magmatic systems, both on Earth and other planetary bodies.
  • Jisoo (she/her) is a physical volcanologist and petrologist primarily advised by Dr. Amanda Clarke.
  • Rachel Holsteen-Bruyere is an earth scientist and experimental petrologist whose research focuses on explosive mafic eruptions and the geochemical influences upon explosive behavior.