Profiles in "Astrobiology" Expertise Area

  • Anbar is an ASU President’s Professor, expert in Earth's evolution as an inhabited world. He pioneers digital learning innovation as Director of ASU’s Center for Education Through Exploration.
  • Sara Walker is a theoretical physicist and astrobiologist with major contributions in theoretical advances in astrobiology, developing new approaches to the problem of understanding universal features of life.
  • Okie is a biologist, complexity scientist, and astrobiologist interested in the fundamental laws and theories governing life’s distribution, organization, macroevolution, and metabolism on Earth and beyond.
  • Steve Ruff is a planetary geologist with a focus on the mineralogy of Mars determined via infrared spectroscopy, part of an effort to understand its geologic history and potential for past habitability.
  • Vermaas and his team conduct basic and applied research on cyanobacteria, a group of photosynthetic microbes, using these organisms as a chassis to produce useful compounds (biofuels, green chemicals) from sunlight and CO2.
  • Desch is a professor of astrophysics in the School of Earth and Space Exploration. His research is in star and planet formation, meteoritics, exoplanets, and astrobiology.
  • My PhD work explores the diverse chemical environments generated through water-rock interactions and their implications for the habitability of rock-hosted systems.