Profiles in "Systems and Control Theory" Expertise Area

  • Prof. Rivera's research interests include the topics of process control, system identification, and the application of control engineering principles to process systems, supply chain management, and behavioral medicine.
  • Kawski develops, and employs, tools from differential geometry and algebraic combinatorics to study nonlinear control systems.
  • Nikitin’s research is focused on optimization, control, automation and related computational methods.
  • Taylor studies the discrete geometry of network embeddings.
  • Dr. Berman directs the Autonomous Collective Systems Laboratory at ASU, which models and analyzes behaviors in biological and engineered collectives and designs control strategies for multi-robot systems.
  • Dr. Chong research focuses on sustainable engineering, system optimization, and AI applications in engineering. I am very active in the industry.
  • Dr. Chen’s research interests include design, modeling, estimation, control, optimization, and safety of dynamic systems, specifically for connected and automated vehicle, multi-agent mobile, energy, and mechatronic systems.