Profiles in "Economic Development" Expertise Area

  • Iheduru is professor of political science, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University. He works on non-state actors in regional identity formation, governance, and integration.
  • Bronowitz's research interests include business education, statistics, online education, entrepreneurship and microeconomics.
  • Kathleen Andereck's research focuses on the tourism experience from the perspective of both visitors and residents particularly as it applies to sustainable tourism.
  • Filley teaches, mentors and advises entrepreneurial students and startups of all types, and has been pioneering innovative ways to teach entrepreneurship online to students located across the U.S. and around the world.
  • Jose Mendez's research focuses on issues related to international trade and development.
  • Professor Ventura's research interests focus macroeconomics, taxation, economic development and the determinants of inequality.
  • Hosman co-directs the SolarSPELL initiative, focused on building information literacy via offline digital libraries. She is faculty in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Polytechnic School.
  • Professor Gamso's research and teaching focus on global political economy and international development.