Profiles in "Urban Systems" Expertise Area

  • Smith is an archaeologist who research interests include the Aztecs, Teotihuacan, ancient and modern cities (planning, neighborhoods, scaling), and transdisciplinary social science research.
  • Van der Leeuw was awarded the "Champion of the Earth for Science and Innovation" prize by the United Nations Environment Program in 2012. He joined ASU in 2003.
  • Dantico's current teaching and research interests include urban government and politics, political action, minority politics, women and politics, and research methods.
  • Haines is co-director of ASU's Center of Muslim Experience in the U.S. and associate professor of Religious Studies. As a cultural anthropologist he researches on marginal communities and Islamic values of peace, community wellbeing, and lived ethics.
  • Tang's recent research efforts examined sensing and modeling methods for comprehending the Human-Cyber-Physical-Systems (H-CPS) in accelerated construction and facility management (e.g., nuclear plant outage control).
  • Jonathan Bratt is a PhD. student in Geography at Arizona State University. He is currently completing a dissertation on relations between public life, urban space, and social aesthetics in the city of Tianjin, China.
  • Dr. Shutters fuses evolutionary ecology and economics to better understand complex social systems and to create evidence-based decision support tools for economic planners.