Profiles in "Chemical Education" Expertise Area

  • Jeff Yarger primary research interests are in biophysical chemistry, nano-materials and the general field of disordered or amorphous materials.
  • Gould is a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, with research interests in hydrothermal organic chemistry, geomimicry and chemical education.
  • Marks is a Principal Lecturer in the School of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University where her main focus has been teaching introductory chemistry, general chemistry, and chemistry for engineers since 1996.
  • Dr. Ara Austin is the Director of Online Engagement & Strategic Initiatives at The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. She focuses on efforts that increase experiential learning opportunities for online students.
  • Dr. Briggs is a Teaching Professor in the School of Molecular Sciences. He manages the General Chemistry Program, coordinates TA and Instructor assignments for the School, and teaches large-enrollment general chemistry courses.
  • Spurgeon is a chemist with a keen interest in education, art history and the chemistry of art conservation.