Profiles in "Intellectual History" Expertise Area

  • Kefeli is a specialist of Islam in Eurasia and Central Asia. She conducts fieldwork in Muslim and Christian Tatar villages, which led her to appreciate religious diversity.
  • Claudia Mesch is Professor of Art History at Arizona State University. Her books include Modern Art at the Berlin Wall (2009), Art and Politics (2013), and Joseph Beuys (2017).
  • Daniel Gilfillan is associate professor of German studies at Arizona State University in the School of International Letters and Cultures.
  • Newhauser has a doctorate in English, with an emphasis on Medieval studies. His areas of research interest include the moral tradition in intellectual history and sensory studies (sensology).
  • Rose's current scholarly interests involve medieval and early modern English legal history. His research focuses the legal profession and the operation of the legal system in medieval and early modern England.
  • Martínez (O'odham/Mexican) works in the fields of Indigenous intellectual history; O'odham culture, history, and politics; Transborder Indigenous nations; and, Indigenous art history and aesthetics.
  • Johnson's teaching and research interests range widely, but mainly focus on the literatures and cultures of early modern Spain, Germany, England, and the Americas.
  • Shamara Wyllie Alhassan's work on Black women’s radical epistemologies focuses on the ways Rastafari women use livity to create communities of social justice and combat anti-black gendered racism.
  • Liew is a scholar of the premodern Islamic world. His research interests include the history of Islamic political thought, Islamic scholarly and intellectual culture, and Islamic historical and biographical writings.