Profiles in "Family Communication" Expertise Area

  • Zorita's publications and teaching are focused on issues of cultural diversity, Latin culture, family functioning, professional ethics and the humanistic foundations of social work.
  • Steadman's research area is sociocultural anthropology: kinship; religion; witchcraft;and Papua New Guinea
  • Waldron’s research interests include the communication of forgiveness, relational resilience, relationship changes across the lifespan, and the communication of the “moral emotions” in work settings.
  • Waldron's primary focus areas are related to family dynamics, child development, and aging. She is also the internship liaison for The Washington Center. She regularly presents to community groups.
  • Dr. Seeley is a Full Teaching Professor and has been teaching Family and Human Development and Sociology courses at ASU since 2011.
  • Dr. Catalina Cayetano's most recent work focuses on the interdependency of the (Im)migrant parent/child dialogic cultural relationship and the relational impacts of cultural intermediation in the technolinguistic experience.
  • Pettigrew's scholarship is dedicated to working alongside community members to produce effective intervention materials that serve youth, families, schools, and society.
  • Mayer's research interests include hospice and palliative care and chronic disease management.