Profiles in "Intercultural Communication" Expertise Area

  • Martin investigates what it means to be an effective communicator when interacting with individuals from different cultural groups, in both online and face to face contexts.
  • Broome's specialty is intercultural communication, with a focus on intercultural conflict, dialogue, and peacebuilding.
  • A performance ethnographer widely recognized for her ability to integrate research methodologies, social science, spirituality and performance in post-colonial/indigenous study of identity, culture, and authentic expression.
  • Emeritus Professor, curriculum developer, professional speaker, Organizational Development leader, and agent for positive change
  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Martinez (she/he/they) is Professor of Communication at Arizona State University, and President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association.
  • Cheong is an interdisciplinary scholar in the cultural & ethical implications of communication technologies, mediated developments for authority, religion, community and civic engagement.
  • Nationally recognized scholar in visual communication, visual literacy, and professional communication pedagogy.
  • Brown's teaching philosophy is to engage and encourage students to work collaboratively, and guide them towards a core understanding of the course work and its most fundamental principles.
  • Dr. Catalina Cayetano's most recent work focuses on the interdependency of the (Im)migrant parent/child dialogic cultural relationship and the relational impacts of cultural intermediation in the technolinguistic experience.