Profiles in "Interpersonal Communication" Expertise Area

  • Mongeau studies communication in the earliest stages of romantic relationships and persuasion and social influence.
  • Emeritus Professor, curriculum developer, professional speaker, Organizational Development leader, and agent for positive change
  • Dr. Roberto’s research and teaching interests focus primarily on persuasion and social influence and health communication.
  • Alberts' research focused on conflict in personal and professional relationships. She is also the founder of the Transformation Project, which focuses on how communication can transform people’s lives.
  • Jay Taylor's interests are in the area of ethics. They are concerned with personal, public and private interactions.
  • Duran studies information processing as revealed in the dynamics of movement and language across individuals and groups. His research areas include social perspective-taking, interpersonal processes and deception.
  • Brown's teaching philosophy is to engage and encourage students to work collaboratively, and guide them towards a core understanding of the course work and its most fundamental principles.
  • Jacobsen has extensive work experience in media, particularly newspaper editing and publishing, and in presenting public programs.