Profiles in "Performance" Expertise Area

  • Joya Scott is a producer, dramaturg, director, and educator with expertise in devising, adaptation, new work, and multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Angela Giron is the Program Director and a Clinical Assistant Professor of the Master of Liberal Studies Program at Arizona State University. She has developed numerous Humanities courses for the MLSt program.
  • Kennedy teaches interdisciplinary arts and performance, with a focus on vocal performance, theatre history and music composition, and is a leading scholar on the Provincetown Players, Greenwich Village, and Eugene O'Neill.
  • McMahon is a dramatic and nonfiction writer and performer.He lives in Arizona and New York.
  • Gharavi specializes in collaborating with transdisciplinary teams of artists, scientists, designers, and engineers to create compelling experiences and advance research.
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Music Theatre. Actor, musician, and music theatre specialist in performance, direction, and instruction for the Music Theatre + Opera department, and educational equity coach in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre.
  • Adler is a composer, performer, and teacher. He developed and teaches the following courses at ASU: Advanced Rhythm, Fundamentals of Music Notation, 20th Century Music Theory, and Music Theory for Non-Music Majors.
  • Sha's research concerns ethico-aesthetic improvisation, and a topological approach to morphogenesis and process philosophy.
  • Hayes is a musician and sound artist who builds and performs with hybrid analogue/digital instruments, whose research centers around embodied and enactive music cognition, and audio-haptic technologies.