Profiles in "Intergroup Relations" Expertise Area

  • Neuberg's interests include evolutionary approaches to human sociality; stigma; prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination; motivation influences on cognition; and religion and conflict.
  • Dr. Hall is a social psychologist who investigates social and group identities. She is also faculty director of the ASU Statistics and Methods (SAM) Lab.
  • DeLay's research focus is on child and adolescent peer relationships. Key themes include how peer relationships impact child and adolescent adjustment and well-being.
  • Aguilar's interests range from sociocultural anthropology: insider vs. outsider perspective to ethnic and class relations.
  • McDermott's research focuses on race, class and identity in the United States.
  • Salgado is a sociologist of race and ethnicity, specializing in group relations, immigration, and stratification.