Profiles in "Product Development" Expertise Area

  • As leader of Knowledge Enterprise Web Services, I manage a team and a product portfolio consisting of over 150 websites and research applications. I elevate the university globally via innovative technological solutions.
  • Dr. Murugan studies epigenetic changes to environmental exposures and develops epigenetic-biomarker based diagnostic tests to detect exposures to toxic chemicals, pathogens, explosives and radiological agents.
  • Olsen is an associate professor with the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. His research focuses on innovation and consumer behavior.
  • DeBlander has worked for several manufacturing companies primarily in the packaging industry. He has an MBA and BS in mechanical engineering. He teaches online.
  • Shuaib has a combined 40 years professional experience in industry (five years as production engineer and factory manager) and 35 in academia.