Profiles in "Emergency Management" Expertise Area

  • I have focused on public health and welfare management and environmental justice and policy.
  • Liza C. Kurtz is a research analyst with the Morrison Institute for Public Policy.
  • Gerber's research specialization areas include disasters and public policy, emergency management, homeland security policy and administration, and environmental regulatory policy.
  • Cheryl Schmidt's research interests includes disaster preparedness of nursing students. She is also a member of the Research Committee of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center
  • Gall is a hazards geographer and studies how natural hazards and society interact. She utilizes geospatial analytics and disaster metrics (vulnerability indices, losses, etc.) to capture these interactions.
  • Currently living in Southern California, Shaffer works as a warfare systems analyst for the Department of the Navy and serves as a naval officer in the United States Navy Reserve.
  • Jeremy Rodrigues is the Senior Director of Enterprise Security at Excelerate Energy. He also teaches homeland security at ASU and has extensive experience in corporate and public sector security.
  • Michael researchers the socioethical implications of emerging technologies with an emphasis on national security. She has a particular interest on the technological trajectory of implantable technologies.