Profiles in "Aesthetics" Expertise Area

  • K. Jake Patten teaches courses within the SHS area, as well as Biostatistics and the SAMBA seminar. Patten's research focuses on natural regularities in timbre, language, memory, and the links between speech and musical speech surrogates.
  • Adriana Samper is Associate Professor of Marketing at the W.P. Carey School of Business. Her research explores lay theories, stereotyping, and post-consumption outcomes in the areas of aesthetics, effort, and health.
  • Drawing is Weed's first language. He has been inspiring students from The Design School at Arizona State University to be specific, use nothing, and look since 1999.
  • Born in Protektorat Boehmen und Maehren, Volek grew up in Czechoslovakia, studied in Cuba, and, after the Russian occupation, emigrated to West Germany and to U.S.
  • My theory-driven research explores deep histories of technological systems (textual, visual, and audio) in ecological, scientific and social contexts. My creative practice blurs false boundaries between language and art.
  • Dr. Cala Coats’ research incorporates philosophy, ethnography, contemporary art and art education; and is part of a contemporary discourse on ecologies, social justice, community, and interdisciplinary collaboration.