Profiles in "History of Political Thought" Expertise Area

  • Vidal-Aparicio teaches at Arizona State University and the Maricopa Community Colleges. His doctoral dissertation studies how deliberative democratic innovations can help recover political trust. He is the author of 500 Preguntas al Nacionalismo Español.
  • Wright is a historian of modern Europe, specializing in the history of political thought in the era of the Enlightenment and the American and French Revolutions.
  • Ron’s research focuses around two central themes: the political and normative dimensions of the history of political economy, and the democratic theory of the public sphere.
  • Taliaferro studies religion, the history of political thought and Islamic thought. She has held fellowships at Princeton and Georgetown University in Qatar as well as a Boren Fellowship in Morocco.
  • German’s research and teaching focus on American political and constitutional thought, as well as early modern thought. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and has been at ASU since 2017.
  • McNamara’s research and teaching has focused on American Political Thought, Early Modern Political Thought, and Political Economy. He has taught at Boston College, Clemson University, and Utah State University.
  • Dr. Stephen Lazer is a specialist in early modern Europe. His research focuses on Germany and France, particularly the histories of borderlands, political culture, state formation, and crime.
  • Seagrave’s teaching and research focus on American political principles, including both their application in American political history and their antecedents in intellectual history.