Profiles in "Immigration" Expertise Area

  • Ruth's research focuses on structural inequalities faced by historically underserved students within the United States and how those individuals overcome obstacles for upward social mobility.
  • Research and teaching interests in immigration history, Mexican American history, and demography.
  • His intellectual interests are broadly comparative and publications include 13 books in English and Spanish with three others translated in Spanish as well as more than 75 articles and chapters and received major awards.
  • Charles T. Lee is a political and cultural theorist who combines critical theory and ethnographic research to analyze and engender plural pathways of social transformation in everyday life.
  • Magaña's research focuses on traditional and non- traditional political engagement, including electoral politics, grassroots organizing, immigration dynamics and transnational political movements.
  • Sarat's work explores the intersection of religion and migration in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, with special attention to ways in which people draw upon religion to formulate notions of belonging and confront challenges.
  • Ruggles teaches courses in U.S. and world history and writes about culture and politics.
  • Klimek’s research agenda is related to issues of cultural diversity, specifically refugees and immigrants, as well as international social work.
  • Gaughan research focuses on the training, distribution, and migration of scientists and engineers in the global knowledge system.