Profiles in "Postcolonial Studies" Expertise Area

  • Charles T. Lee is a political and cultural theorist who combines critical theory and ethnographic research to analyze and engender plural pathways of social transformation in everyday life.
  • Bixby's research addresses modernist studies, Irish studies, postcolonial theory and criticism, and issues of travel, mobility, and the body.
  • Free is Associate Professor of English, affiliate faculty in Gender and Women's Studies, and Barret Honors College faculty.
  • David Agruss specializes in Victorian literature and culture.
  • Iveta Silova is Professor and Associate Dean of Global Engagement at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU. She holds a Ph.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University.
  • Joslin's interdisciplinary research on African literature and film combine aesthetic theories of representation and socio-cultural interpretations of texts in order to reimagine global discourses within a humanistic framework.
  • Oranli's research and teaching interests include Social and Political Philosophy, Continental philosophy, Theories of Evil, Postcolonial theory, Genocide Studies and Feminist Ethics.
  • Abraham specializes in the politics of science and technology, and is particularly interested in nuclear studies, innovation in the informal sector, refugees and host communities, and postcolonial theory.
  • Research interests: Contemporary Chinese and Korean Cinema, Post-colonialism, Feminism, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, Translation Studies, Eileen Chang