Profiles in "Diverse Learners and Educational Equity" Expertise Area

  • Kathleen Puckett's contributions to educational research are centered around access to and success in the general education curriculum for students with disabilities
  • Alexandria Estrella's research interests involve literacy development among students from non-dominant communities and English learners.
  • Restrepo is a professor of speech and hearing science and associate dean for research. Her research focuses on better understanding bilingual children’s language and literacy skills.
  • Angela Smith's areas of research consist of special education and educational diversity.
  • Anne Smith has worked in the field of education for 24 years. She has experience working with students with special needs as well as culturally and linguistically diverse populations.
  • Jennifer has developed curriculum for courses in leadership, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and academic success and teaches a wide array of courses that build skills for academic and workplace success.
  • Kate Anderson is the Editor of the journal Linguistics and Education and teaches both graduate qualitative research methods courses and linguistics courses in educating multilingual learners.
  • Kellam is an engineering education researcher who uses narrative research methods to understand inclusivity.
  • Erin Rotheram-Fuller engages in community-based research, working with local schools and community centers to support and improve the outcomes for children and families.