Profiles in "Elementary Education" Expertise Area

  • Diane Venrick is a retired clinical associate professor with more than 30 years of teaching and administrative experience.
  • Frank Serafini is a Professor of Literacy Education and Children's Literature and an award-winning children's picturebook author. His work in multimodal literacies and research has garnered him international acclaim.
  • Peter Rillero's interests focus on science education and include deep conceptual learning, problem-based learning, inquiry, teacher education, program evaluation, international education, and the history of science education.
  • Gray leads the Child Language and Literacy Laboratory which focuses on how children learn to talk, read and write.
  • Melanie Lehman is with the early childhood online program. She also specializes in the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards (AZCCRS).
  • Molina Walters is the program coordinator for the Environmental Education Program of Distinction Certificate and the developer of numerous science professional development opportunities.
  • Peggy Pate is a site coordinator for the iTeachAZ year-long student teaching program.
  • Ekiss is a past Co-coordinator of the Arizona Geographic Alliance. Well known for her expertise in geography education, she is a winner of the Distinguished Teaching Award from the National Council for Geographic Education.