Profiles in "Measurement and Statistics in Education" Expertise Area

  • Levy specializes in measurement and statistical analysis. His interests include methodological investigations and applications in psychometrics and statistical modeling.
  • Gray leads the Child Language and Literacy Laboratory which focuses on how children learn to talk, read and write.
  • Broatch is a statistician who specializes in mixed models and the application of those models to educational data, the development of statistics education, and plays a key role in a number of interdisciplinary projects.
  • Dr. Yi Zheng studies theories and practices in educational and psychological testing and assessment.
  • Scott Marley’s research strands focus on two areas: instructional strategies with external representations from a cognitive perspective, and higher ed topics related to student achievement and persistence.
  • Brunhaver conducts research focused on the career pathways and preparation of engineers. She also teaches courses in the undergraduate engineering program and the Engineering Education Systems & Design (EESD) PhD program.
  • Edwards research focuses on diagnostic procedures, patient outcomes, and quantitative psychology.