Profiles in "Race and Racism in Education" Expertise Area

  • Nakagawa's research explores inequity in education, including work on parent involvement and racial literacy. She is also examining how storytelling may be used in understanding attitudes toward health and race.
  • Aliya is an anthropology PhD student, Fulbright alumna, and NSF Graduate Research Fellow. She studies exclusionary practices in academia with a focus on graduate education and training.
  • Dr. Jessica Solyom has over 20 years of experience in research and programs focused on the promotion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in academic and professional spaces.
  • Brendan O’Connor is a linguistic anthropologist of education in ASU's School of Transborder Studies who conducts research on language, identity, youth culture, and education.
  • Dr. Sampson's scholarship examines leadership and policymaking related to educational equity from three interdependent levels—districts, communities, and states.