Profiles in "Sociology of Education" Expertise Area

  • Artiles' scholarship focuses on understanding and addressing educational inequities related to the intersections of disability with other sociocultural differences.
  • Jeanne Powers analyzes school segregation, teacher retention, and the context of reception for immigrant students.
  • Martin's current research projects focus on youth political engagement, college student development, and inequalities in the arts and creative industries.
  • Bozeman’s research focuses on public management, organization theory, higher education policy, and science and technology policy.
  • Sherman Dorn's current research focuses on the modern politics of education evolved in an arena (broadcasting) where the federal government has primacy.
  • Liou's scholarship examines the sociological manifestations of expectations in the organization of classrooms, schools, and society, contextualizing educational practices in relational, curricular and institutional terms.
  • Dr. Molina’s research examines various elements of the relationship between bureaucratic structures, representation in urban governance, and policy outcomes in Latino communities.
  • Garcy is a sociologist and a visiting associate professor at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.