Profiles in "Discourse Analysis" Expertise Area

  • Prior holds a doctorate in second language acquisition. He teaches courses in applied linguistics, qualitative methods, discourse analysis and pragmatics, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, and TESOL.
  • Duran studies information processing as revealed in the dynamics of movement and language across individuals and groups. His research areas include social perspective-taking, interpersonal processes and deception.
  • The focus of Carla Firetto's research examines individual difference and mechanisms of learning to facilitate students’ high-level comprehension of complex texts and content.
  • Ekkarat Ruanglertsilp is a Faculty Associate for the ASU English department. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from ASU.
  • Torres is an applied sociolinguist who uses quantitative and qualitative approaches to analyze spoken and written discourses concerning health issues—including policies, medical interactions, opioids, and access inequities.