Profiles in "Latin American Studies" Expertise Area

  • Astor-Aguilera specializes in Mesoamerican religions and currently conducts holistic interdisciplinary ethnographic investigations of cenote-sinkholes and their associated religious ritual production amongst the Maya peoples.
  • Trained as a historian of Latin America (M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University) with a background in economics (B.A. from Swarthmore College), I have diverse interests in food, drugs, commodities, capitalism, business, and ethnohistory.
  • Berkel studies health equity and the dissemination & implementation of evidence-based preventive interventions
  • Funk's research focuses on gender representation, local governance, international public management and government performance.
  • Christiane Fontinha de Alcantara's scholarly interests center on how cultural artifacts reflect systems of inequality and injustice, while also providing models for how to fight inequalities and transform our communities.
  • Ligia Bezerra has taught Portuguese, Spanish, and English in various institutions in Brazil and in the U.S. Bezerra's research interests include Latin American literature and culture, consumption, everyday life, neoliberalism, and democracy.
  • Cuya Gavilano's areas of specialization are Andean Studies, Migration, Transnationalism, Contemporary Latin American film and literature, and cultural studies. For more info, see CV here: