Profiles in "Cognitive Development" Expertise Area

  • Dr. Holloway is currently teaching for the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and is the director of the Cognition, Learning, and Neuroscience Lab.
  • Gray leads the Child Language and Literacy Laboratory which focuses on how children learn to talk, read and write.
  • Murphree's current research efforts focus on the ecological, social and economic aspects of the management of free-roaming horses on public lands in the American West.
  • Tsethlikai’s research focuses on the role children’s experiences and activities play in shaping their cognitive development and well-being.
  • Benitez studies word learning, bilingualism, and cognitive development in infants, children, and adults.
  • Kelsey Lucca is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology and Director of the Emerging Minds Lab. Her research investigates cognitive development during infancy through childhood, with a focus on early curiosity.