Profiles in "Queer Studies" Expertise Area

  • Hannah K. Grabowski explores transgender studies, archives, affect theory, and phenomenology.
  • Lore/tta LeMaster (she/they) is a critical/cultural communication and performance scholar. Her scholarship engages the intersectional constitution of cultural difference.
  • Composer Temple looks for points of connection between things that aren't supposed to belong together, distorting and combining iconic sounds to create new meanings.
  • Mikey Foster Estes is an artist and writer working across film/video, installation, photography, sculpture, and sound. Since Fall 2019 he has served as director of Gallery 100, Harry Wood Gallery, and Step Gallery.
  • Dr. Linton is a community-engaged scholar who utilizes legal analysis and ethnographic methods to chart not only reproductive rights in the United States and El Salvador but also grassroots organizing efforts.