Profiles in "Urban Policy" Expertise Area

  • Lewis studies U.S. urban policy, local and regional governance, and the way people think about public policy. Many of his publications examine urban/suburban land use, housing policy, and local responses to immigration.
  • Swindell focuses on community and economic development, especially public financing of sports facilities, contribution of sports facilities to urban space economic development, service delivery and citizen satisfaction.
  • Mossberger's research interests include local governance, urban policy, digital inequality, evaluation of broadband programs, the impact of technology use in communities and digital government.
  • Lucio joined ASU in 2006. Her research explores how urban governance, planning and policy impacts diverse groups in socie
  • Dulce Vasquez is the Asst. Vice President of Strategic Advancement in the Office of University Affairs and manages a wide portfolio of activities in Los Angeles.
  • Dr. Molina‚Äôs research examines various elements of the relationship between bureaucratic structures, representation in urban governance, and policy outcomes in Latino communities.
  • Taylor's work is grounded in a core value of art as catalyzing force in advancing justice in daily life. Research explores questions of cultural equity through the intersection of art, community, policy, and place.
  • Roseland is an expert in sustainable community planning and development. The 5th edition of his landmark book Toward Sustainable Communities: Solutions for Citizens and Their Governments, will be published soon.