Profiles in "Religion" Expertise Area

  • Alexander Henn works on the cultural and religious encounter between Europe and India, in particular Catholicism and Hinduism. He also specializes on the study of rituals and the current debate about the history and theory of the concept of 'religion'.
  • Hejduk's research is focused on European and American avant-garde art, architecture, and urbanism from around 1960 to the present and its development relative to culture and philosophy of that period.
  • Terry Shoemaker is an Assistant Teaching Professor in Religious Studies interested in current changes occurring in religion in America and the topic of religion and sport.
  • Dupey is a historian of capitalism in the 19th century U.S. and the program lead for the North American track in the History Online MA at ASU. He holds a secondary appointment in medical humanities at the Creighton University Medical School Phoenix.
  • Taliaferro studies religion, the history of political thought and Islamic thought. She has held fellowships at Princeton and Georgetown University in Qatar as well as a Boren Fellowship in Morocco.
  • Bri uses mixed qualitative methods to better understand the social, religious, and sociopolitical experiences of immigrant communities living in the U.S. Southwest.
  • Palka is an archaeologist, anthropologist, and ethnohistorian of indigenous religions, art, and cross-cultural contact in Mexico and Central America.
  • Chen Jiang is a academic success advisor for undergraduate students in ASU school of politics and global studies.
  • Berry is a scholar of religion with a research focus on the intersection of religion and environmental issues.