Profiles in "Cross-cultural Management" Expertise Area

  • Dixie Gammage 232A
  • Renee Bhatti-Klug (EdD) provides Cultural Intelligence (CI) training to ASU faculty, staff, and students through strategic programming and departmental support.
  • Sully de Luque's research interests include the micro and macro influences of culture in organizations, responsible and global leadership, sustainability and CSR, stakeholder decision-making and entrepreneurship training.
  • Award-winning executive educator and author whose teaching and research interests span the globe, Javidan is an expert advisor in global leadership by the World Bank and senior research fellow for the U.S. Army.
  • DeBlander has worked for several manufacturing companies primarily in the packaging industry. He has an MBA and BS in mechanical engineering. He teaches online.
  • Professor, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, international experience living/working in Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America.