Profiles in "Construction Engineering" Expertise Area

  • Ernzen has more than 22 years experience as a construction manager, project engineer, construction materials researcher and civil engineering educator in the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Sullivan specializes in project delivery, procurement, organizational transformation, benchmarking, team optimization, and performance measurement.
  • Ariaratnam is a co-author of the "Horizontal Directional Drilling Good Practices Guidelines" and the "Pipe Bursting Good Practices."
  • ASU Professor G. Edward Gibson's is an expert in Leadership and Management. His research interests include front end planning, earned value, risk management, safety, alternative project delivery and leadership.
  • El Asmar is co-director of the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations.
  • Bearup is a Faculty Associate in Del E. Webb School of Construction with bachelor's and master's degrees in civil engineering and a doctorate in construction engineering and management.
  • Grau is a member of ASCE and ASEE professional societies and holds a professional license as Industrial Engineer in Spain.
  • Dr. Chong research focuses on sustainable engineering, system optimization, and AI applications in engineering.
  • Ayer studies at the intersection of technological capability and human behavior to better understand how we can intelligently use new technological approaches to improve the building industry.