Profiles in "Risk Management" Expertise Area

  • Sullivan specializes in project delivery, procurement, organizational transformation, benchmarking, team optimization, and performance measurement.
  • ASU Professor G. Edward Gibson's is an expert in Leadership and Management. His research interests include front end planning, earned value, risk management, safety, alternative project delivery and leadership.
  • Mark Manfredo's research focuses on commodity price analysis and agribusiness risk management, with particular emphasis on futures and options markets and price forecasting.
  • Within AzCATI, Weiss researches the engineering of large-scale algae consortia for carbon capture and sustainable bioproduction. As ERM faculty, he educates on toxicological management and water treatment technologies.
  • Jeremy Rodrigues is the Senior Director of Enterprise Security at Excelerate Energy. He also teaches homeland security at Arizona State University. He has previously worked in law enforcement, intelligence, and foreign affairs.
  • Zhou studies financial risk management, mortality modeling, computational finance, and Bayesian modeling and forecasting.
  • Mattia Caldarulo is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Affairs. His research interests include risk management in public sector organizations and science and technology policy