Profiles in "Ecosystem Ecology" Expertise Area

  • Klopatek is an emeritus ecosytem ecologist who has migrated to research and teaching about the ecology of food and sustainable food systems with emphasis on global climate change effects.
  • Ball is a field ecologist studying the impacts of global environmental change (such as air pollution, species loss, and climate change) on soil ecosystems. Currently her research has focused on desert and polar soils.
  • Dan Childers research portfolio includes urban ecosystems, the ecology-design nexus, water dynamics in cities, urban sustainability and urban wetlands.
  • Cadillo-Quiroz studies how microbes drive ecosystem and applied processes to find climate solutions
  • As a Teaching and Learning Specialist Principal, Tiffany works with the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) and the School of Life Sciences (SOLS) Graduate Programs
  • Heather Throop is an ecosystem scientist who studies how global-scale changes influence dryland ecosystems.
  • Hurtado's current research includes mortality reduction mechanisms in humans with emphasis on cultural niche construction.
  • Dr. Saul's research interests include using quantitative tools and a systems-based approach to support natural resource management.