Profiles in "Epidemiology" Expertise Area

  • Williams studies physical anthropology: transplantation and Native American genetics and epidemiology.
  • Dr. Hruschka studies culture change and the relationship between culture and behavior. His two main research questions focus on how we stay healthy in diverse social environments and how humans cooperate.
  • Dr. Adams is a behavioral scientist and epidemiologist with a background in psychology, behavioral sciences, and public health.
  • Dr. Tasevska is a nutrition scientist and nutritional epidemiologist. She joined ASU in 2013.
  • Taylor is a theoretical population geneticist who uses mathematical models to explore evolutionary processes. He is especially interested in the biology of soil mites in the Madrean sky islands of Arizona and Sonora.
  • I am a Masters student in the Biology and Society program. My research in on how human constructs act as breeding places for mosquitoes and how those constructs affect mosquito abundance.
  • Hurtado's current research includes mortality reduction mechanisms in humans with emphasis on cultural niche construction.