Profiles in "Microbes" Expertise Area

  • Delgado’s research focuses on synthetic microbiomes for treatment of contaminants and production of high-value biochemicals.
  • Cadillo-Quiroz studies how microbes drive ecosystem and applied processes to find climate solutions
  • Okie is a biologist, complexity scientist, and astrobiologist interested in the fundamental laws and theories governing life’s distribution, organization, macroevolution, and metabolism on Earth and beyond.
  • Whisner's research focuses on the effects of diet on human metabolism.
  • Vermaas and his team conduct basic and applied research on cyanobacteria, a group of photosynthetic microbes, using these organisms as a chassis to produce useful compounds (biofuels, green chemicals) from sunlight and CO2.
  • Rajeev Misra is a microbial geneticist who studies how proteins, synthesized in the cytoplasm, are targeted to the bacterial outer membrane. He also examines the mechanisms of drug resistance.
  • Ozga is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Center for Evolution & Medicine. He earned his PhD in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma in 2015 for his dissertation on Viral Metagenomics and Anthropology in the Americas.
  • Junwen Wang is a Professor of Biomedical Informatics working on bioinformatics, computational genomics and precision medicine.