Profiles in "Agriculture" Expertise Area

  • Gaxiola studies the physiological mechanisms by which plants regulate root activity and nutrient uptake. His work may be used to engineer crops that could help secure future food supplies.
  • Arianne Cease is an Assoc Prof and Director of the Global Locust Initiative. She uses transdisciplinary approaches to study how human-plant-insect interactions affect agroecosystem and locust management sustainability.
  • Caseldine is the Curator of Collections for the Center for Archaeology and Society Repository in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change.
  • Morehart is an environmental anthropologist, an ethnobotanist/paleoethnobotanist, and an archaeologist.
  • My research seeks to understand how invertebrate herbivores solve the problem of balancing multiple and changing nutrient needs and how it affects their behavior and performance.
  • Muenich is a watershed modeler focused on surface hydrology and water quality, especially in agricultural ecosystems. She focuses on evaluating the impact of land management decisions within the food-energy-water nexus.
  • Co-director position with the ASU SolarSPELL Initiative leading staffing, engineering, library development, and computer engineering aspects of the project.