Profiles in "Drug Abuse and Addiction" Expertise Area

  • Chassin's research focuses on alcohol, tobacco use and disorders.
  • DePinto's primary professional experience has been in school social work and he has more than 30 years of experience working with chemically-dependent adolescents.
  • Dr. Olive 's group is interested in examining how abused drugs affect the brain on a neurobiological level.
  • Dr. Meier received her PhD from the University of Missouri in 2010 and completed her postdoctoral training at Duke University in 2013. Her research focuses on the causes, course, and consequences of problematic cannabis use.
  • Dr. Patock-Peckham is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University.
  • Smith's research interests include mindfulness, bariatric surgery, substance abuse, meditation and obesity.
  • Meier is an Assistant Clinical Professor and Associate Director of Clinical Training in the PhD Clinical Psychology program at ASU. He supervises at the Clinical Psychology Center and studies transdiagnostic treatments.