Profiles in "Diverse Populations" Expertise Area

  • Pina is interested in child anxiety research but also in the study of children's courage. He feels that by taking a strength-based approach, that is positive and valued, his research can better serve community organizations,
  • Azuma's research focuses on attention, memory and language processing.
  • Brownell is a neuroscientist turned full-time education researcher, who teaches undergraduate biology while studying biology education.
  • Dr. Carrie Robinson serves as the Executive Director of Student Success for the College of Health Solutions at ASU. Robinson leads a team focused on recruiting, retaining, engaging, and graduating health students.
  • Lee is a community psychologist with 25 years of experience, currently leading SAGE: Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE) to promote physical activity in in young Latino children (U01 MD010667-01).
  • Linare is Licensed Social Worker with more than 12 years of experience in the human services field.
  • Cheryl Schmidt's research interests includes disaster preparedness of nursing students. She is also a member of the Research Committee of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center