Profiles in "Quantitative Psychology" Expertise Area

  • Knight's research interests in the development of ethnic identity, cross-ethnic and cross-race measurement equivalence and prosocial behavior.
  • Dr. O'Rourke's research focuses on the assessment and development of statistical methods and models for application to social sciences.
  • Levy specializes in measurement and statistical analysis. His interests include methodological investigations and applications in psychometrics and statistical modeling.
  • Aiken is the area head of Quantitative, in the Department of Psychology. Her substantive research focuses on women's health protective behavior across the lifespan.
  • MacKinnon has wide ranging interests in statistics and methodology but his primary interest is in the area of statistical methods to assess how prevention and treatment programs achieve their effects.
  • West's research is in the area of personality and in prevention-related issues in health, mental health, and education.
  • My research focuses on longitudinal methods for the study of change at the individual and group-level, and the development and application of machine learning techniques in the behavioral sciences
  • Dr. Tein is a research professor and the Director of the Research Methodology Core at the ASU REACH Institute, with the Department of Psychology
  • Edwards research focuses on diagnostic procedures, patient outcomes, and quantitative psychology.